This month, we toasted SGPA’s birthday with a wine and cheese reception. We’re celebrating 45 years in business, but we’re told we don’t look a day over 30! (However, there has been some talk of replacing the company car with a zippy red convertible…)

We used this milestone as a chance to look back over the accomplishments of the past four decades. The architecture profession has changed drastically in that time, and so has our practice.

SGPA by the decades

What began as a retail-focused firm has grown into a mixed-use practice focused on retail, education, wellness, and housing.

  • 1970s: Our firm was founded in 1969 when four young architects—Schoell, Geritz, Paul, and Allard—combined their two practices to form SGPA. Throughout the 1970s we built a name for ourselves in retail and office work.
  • 1980s: As we grew and opened a second office in San Francisco, we branched out into mixed-use and larger-scale projects, creating such landmark projects as the Uptown District, Hazard Center, and a Horton Plaza renovation.
  • 1990s: We found success in the civic market with the San Diego International Airport expansion. Our San Francisco office also began taking on large-scale work throughout the Bay Area, including mixed-use village centers such as the Shops at Waterford and Rivermark Village.
  • 2000s: Our scope expanded as we added our Wellness studio to focus on clinic and senior living projects. Three-dimensional design technologies and building information management came to the forefront of our daily lives.
  • 2010s: The Education studio launched into full swing, focusing on K–12 schools and university projects.

What’s next?

Today, SGPA numbers 30+ people across two offices in San Diego and San Francisco. Our founders could never have imagined the videoconferencing and collaborative technologies that allow us to function as one team across time and distance. So we can’t possibly imagine where technology will take us over the next 45 years.

What we do know is that marketplaces will continue to change, especially as densification and mixed use become more viable and desirable. We will rise to meet these changes by keeping our focus on what’s important: designing environments that create memorable experiences and improve daily life in our communities.

Thank you for helping us get to where we are today—we can’t wait to see what we’ll build together next!

P.S. Stay tuned for the launch of our new website later this year…

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