The representation of diversity and inclusion at SGPA fosters creativity and positions our firm to be at the forefront of diversity in the workforce.

Women in Architecture vs. Women at SGPA

Did you know that until 1972, women were refused admission to most American architecture schools? Times have changed, but women are still a minority in the architecture community. Though women make up 50% of the graduating class, only 20% of them are licensed architects. SGPA has shattered that statistic! Not only do women make up 53% of our team, but majority of them are either licensed architects or part of the leadership team.

SGPA is committed to diversity and recognizes the challenges faced by women in the architectural field.  We hire the best and promote a creative work environment by encouraging different ideas and perspectives. I am proud to be part of the leadership at SGPA.

Marla Martin, Chief Financial Officer at SGPA


Diversity and Inclusion Fosters Creativity

Within the last few years, there has been an increase in studies and statistics that highlight the importance of building a culturally diverse and inclusive workforce. Here at SGPA 42% of our team represents a variety of races, ethnicities, and national origins. Building a team with diverse and unique strengths and skills will always be more productive and creative than each member alone. Research shows that employees who are empowered and have a sense of their value to the firm are more willing to take risks, likely resulting in enhanced creativity, leadership, and innovation. Because of our appreciation and acceptance of each other’s unique backgrounds, we are able to collaborate more effectively and create unique ideas.

As an emerging professional it is significantly special to be able to interact and learn from my female peers and to have a substantial amount of role models to look up to. Being both a woman and a person of color makes me immensely proud to be part of a team that is culturally diverse, and gender balanced. Getting to collaborate with individuals of various backgrounds and different upbringings has been enlightening and makes the creative process a blast!

Nadya Robledo-Espinoza, Designer | Planner at SGPA

SGPA Leads by Example

Our talent is our greatest asset.  We not only embrace and recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion but are proud to be a reflection of a diverse and multi-cultural world. This helps us to thrive as innovators and problem-solvers and allows us to stay true to our mission – enriching life through design.





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