Our public spaces are changing—they’re becoming that “third place” (other than home and work) where people spend increasing amounts of their time.


That’s why our design for the newly renovated Flower Hill Promenade focuses on the customer experience, integrating hospitality elements in its common areas and blending retail with active uses.


Food, leisure, and entertainment draw customers to visit the mall more often—and linger to enjoy the amenities.


Located in Del Mar near California’s famous racetrack, the Flower Hill shopping center is an open-air collection of local boutique retailers and upscale restaurants.


This mixed-use project includes a full renovation of common spaces, new construction (Whole Foods Market and Sharp medical offices), and landscaping.


Before the renovation, this shopping center was car-focused and characterized by heavy wooden overhangs and paneling. In fact, these elements made it unclear from the street that it was more than a strip mall.


The new design focuses entirely on the pedestrian experience. Reworking the existing auto entries improves accessibility and circulation. A new parking structure is tucked into the hillside behind the retail, adding 500 unobtrusive parking spaces and alleviating vehicle congestion at the storefronts.


Removal of the heavy overhangs and wooden walkway railings has opened up views through the mall to the hills beyond.


To complement the lighter, more open look, the design team picked geometric metal railings, natural brick and stone surfaces, and a warm-toned color palette to brighten the former shadowy effect.


New palm trees and landscaping add to the natural appeal, making Flower Hill a place where shoppers are happy to spend their time.


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