The revitalization of downtown Sunnyvale includes an entertainment block diagonally across from Redwood Square, the social heart of the city.

This new epicenter of the city features a specialty market and luxury multiscreen theater. The primary design goal for this building was to activate the corner and draw people in from the town plaza adjacent to the site.

This was strategically done by moving the entrance of the lobby closer to the corner and adding a dramatic two-story glass entrance. The expansive view energizes visitors as they overlook outdoor seating and bustling activity in the square.

The bold architectural forms at the corner display a more contemporary recall of historic Theater marquees, and features a varied palette of exterior materials including metal panels and grills, wood soffits and walls, and accent colored stained glass windows all accented by varying lighting concepts.


  • Complex Coordination of Structural & Mechanical Venting Systems


  • LEED Silver Certification
  • Photovoltaic Panels
  • EV Charging Stations
  • High Efficiency Mechanical Systems
  • High Content of Recycled Materials Throughout