The Dorothy Schneider Cancer Center at Mills-Peninsula Medical Center focuses on providing convenience, care, and collective well-being. Patients and families can trust to receive expert treatment and support at this all-encompassing Center. Specific design strategies throughout the Dorothy Schneider Cancer Center optimize the holistic, transformative powers of the facility and its ability to aid in comprehensive healing and care.

Inspired by Dorothy Schneider’s wish to create an institution that treated the whole person, a patient is able to get diagnosis, treatment, and support in one place. Resources and services include medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology along with spaces for nutritionists and dietitians, financial and social planners, clergies and faith leaders, group and private meditation, salons for wigs, and workshops for prostheses. By collecting all of the essential services in one place, various treatments for cancer are managed in house to eliminate additional travel to numerous locations. This Center effectively provides holistic care in one Center for the planning, treatment, and care for patients. 

Originally, the Dorothy Schneider Cancer Center began solely as a Radiation Oncology project. Upon discussions with physicians and administration, it was evident that a patient may need treatment from Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, and Surgical Oncology. With that in mind, it was proposed to create a Cancer Center with all three modalities in one place, reducing the burden of travel.   

With a holistic approach, the project was led with patients’ minds, bodies, and spirits at the forefront of his design. Arriving at the Center, guests’ senses open to the sights and sounds of nature with a garden and waterfalls; during Chemotherapy, the Herb garden is in view – herbs purposefully chosen because the plants’ derivatives are the ingredients of the patients’ medicine. Walking to the Radiation Therapy vault, the corridor is flood with daylight from the skylights; one can feel the warmth of the sun radiating throughout the space and the big picture window at the end of the hallway. 


This project was completed by Ignatius Tsang while Principal In Charge at Tsang Architecture.