Seamless transitions in a hospital are critical to ensure a smooth sequence of events. Due to the need to maintain an Emergency Department at all times, a four phase renovation staged in a diligent project schedule allowed the Mills-Peninsula Medical Center to undergo a renovation without being disruptive to the Emergency Department overall.

Reconfigured to ensure smooth flow of acute patients, behavioral challenged patients, and non emergency patients, the newly renovated Emergency Department separates the incoming patients from other hospital activity, resulting in a more efficient flow of treatment.  

The biggest challenge was to keep the Emergency Department in full operation during the extensive renovation. To accomplish this, the renovation was done in four phases by moving and consolidating minor spaces, a phased project schedule, and particular attention to conduct the renovation at times when there was a low inpatient volume. 

Prior to the renovation, Tsang Architecture and consultants conducted private meetings, focus group meetings, Town Hall meetings, and other various public hearings to inform and educate the public.

This project was completed by Ignatius Tsang while Principal In Charge at Tsang Architecture.