A safe environment free of judgement that offers quality care. Women seeking medical help and guidance turn to the Women’s Options Center at San Francisco General Hospital for its collective care in a healing environment.

In this safe, comfortable environment, patients can relax and be cared for in a supportive atmosphere. Tsang Architecture approached this project with the goal to honor the guests and be supportive of their whole self in a holistic manner. Additionally, by locating the Options Center adjacent to the OB department, they were able to utilize the procedure rooms and the nurses without adding cost of additional facility and staff to the project.

Incorporating powerful yet soothing images, Tsang Architecture leveraged art as a healing power while simultaneously injecting beauty and strength into a space that so often sees despair and fragility. 

The Women’s Options Center welcomes visitors with a curved wall, mimicking a hug and providing a path, far less intimidating than many Centers offering the same services. Visitors often feel protected, reassured, calmed, and cared for while receiving professional help in a hospital. All materials are “green” materials, and the tones, textures, and fluidity of space helps ease the level of anxiety visitors enter with. Overall, the Center – which includes a waiting room, procedure room, central nurse station, and spacious recovery area – is warm, calming, and professional. 


“The redesign has revolutionized the experience of our clinic for both patients and staff. Women are welcome by a gorgeous space that helps them feel respected and valued. The way patient move through the space during their time with us is more effective, logical and safe. Our clinic days feel more efficient and relaxed by working within a space that has become both functional and beautiful.”

Dr. Eleanor Drey, Medical Director, Women’s Option Center, SFGH Associate Professor, USCF

This project was completed by Ignatius Tsang while Principal In Charge at Tsang Architecture.