In an ever-changing and evolving world, our Retail Studio is reinventing and transforming retail into a place to be.  Keith Pittsford [Vice President], Philip D’Agostino [Principal], and Norman Sears [Senior Associate] lead the studio with a goal of finding ways to fill our clients’ gaps in their skills and provide creative solutions to the rapidly evolving landscape of retail. 


The following Retail projects are significant to our studio’s portfolio:

Almaden Ranch

This newly created regional shopping district is located in a prime shopping destination with a wide range of retail tenants including home improvement, health clubs, sporting goods, office supplies, small market, theme restaurants, and supporting shops. New courtyards and pedestrian linkages create neighborhood-oriented gathering spaces.


To be the new epicenter of the city, this entertainment block revitalizes downtown Sunnyvale. Walkable shops, a theater, grocery, and public space in combination with the warm and clean architectural character help to create a new social heart of the city.



Pacific Highlands Ranch

This 24-acre, pedestrian-friendly village center in Northern San Diego combines affordable housing, retail, and public spaces into one community.

Del Sur

This inviting town center features contemporary California Architecture complimented with outdoor plazas and scenic vistas.  The new town center is the focal point of a vibrant environmentally progressive master-planned residential community.



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