Victoria Gray

Project Manager, Senior Associate San Francisco


Imagine, for a second, the feeling of satisfaction after solving a difficult puzzle, or finding the solution to a tricky problem. It is that same feeling – the sense of pride and accomplishment stemming from being able to design a space from scratch that is both habitable and enjoyable – that drew Tori to pursue a career in architecture. Spaces like outdoor plazas, or any sort of social gathering area, which allow for interaction between users, have become one of Tori’s specialties since joining SGPA.

Tori is also instrumental in the production of design and construction documents for projects ranging in completeness from planning and site design to building design and construction. 



  • Registered Architect, California
  • B.Arch, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
"Architecture is about more than just beautiful buildings – it’s also about how spaces interact with, and change the lives of those who use them."