SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (December 20, 2016) – SGPA Architecture and Planning, a California-based design firm, is proud to announce Senior Associate, Alexis Burck, as the new Director of Wellness & Senior Living. She transitions into the Director role following the retirement of Stuart Stoller. Alexis has worked closely with Stuart for the past seven years and has an abundance of experience to manage and carry the studio into the future. 

Over the course of her career, Alexis has managed all parts of projects from inception to completion, including design, production, project management, permitting and construction administration.

“Alexis creates warm and welcoming environments for patients while maximizing safety and efficiency for staff. She respects and incorporates varied visions into designs that make a big bang impact within tight budgets. Additionally, Alexis’ calm demeanor and strong facilitation skills make her an appreciated asset when hard decisions need to be made,” said Nance Rosencranz, the Director of Strategic Planning & Business Development for LifeLong Medical Care.

The goal of SGPA’s Wellness & Senior Living Studio is to design innovative, supportive spaces where people flourish. Alexis leads by example, successfully engaging clients, residents, patients, staff, and the community at large to ensure that the design not only solves the problems at hand but also creates an enthusiastic vision for the future. She understands that the product is only as good as the team; the process undertaken is one of careful listening, close collaboration, and mutual respect.

This sentiment is echoed by Yumiko Westland, Director of Design and Construction for Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services, “I have worked with numerous architects in my 25 years as Director of Design and Construction. Alexis is one of the best. NCPHS appreciates her excellent team leadership, fiscal management, attention to detail, responsiveness, and her true commitment to improving the lives of people who live and work in our buildings. It is a joy to work with her.”

Janet Howley, Vice President of Housing for Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services, adds “Alexis is a delight to work with. I have worked with her on a number of projects: as the Board representative on LifeLong Medical Care’s Clinics and as VP of Housing for a $20M renovation of Town Park Towers. Alexis is patient, flexible, and able to incorporate many of the suggestions from residents, clients, and staff, resulting in beautiful buildings that please everyone.” 

SGPA has worked on a myriad of wellness and senior living projects throughout California. The Studio’s portfolio includes both new and renovated senior housing, affordable housing for seniors, families, and special needs populations, facilities for dementia care, and community clinics. The Studio specializes in serving community and faith based, non-profit developers and service organizations. In the San Francisco Bay Area alone, SGPA has helped to complete nearly 1,000 units of new and renovated housing, and 30 community health sites. 

Alexis is eager to continue the work of the Wellness & Senior Living Studio, with a focus on building better communities that offer people longer, more fulfilling lives.

About SGPA Architecture and Planning

Nearly forty-eight years ago, SGPA was founded when Donald Schoell, Eugene Geritz, Robert Paul and Arthur Allard merged their architectural practices to form a new entity. Since opening its doors, the firm has designed an integral part of the Southern California and Bay Area landscape, providing places for thousands of people to shop, gather, learn, and heal.

Today, SGPA consists of 56 people across two offices in San Diego and San Francisco. The collaborative technologies that allow us to function as one team across time and distance have expanded the scope of SGPA’s work immensely. We believe that the ever-evolving marketplace will continue to change over the next few decades, especially as densification and mixed use become more viable and desirable. SGPA aims to meet these changes by keeping its focus on what’s important: creating places that enrich daily life.

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