SGPA Architecture and Planning is a leading architectural design firm with offices in San Diego, San Francisco, and Fresno.  For over 50 years, we’ve become specialists in projects that feature or blend residential, retail, mixed-use, education, senior living, and wellness.  Our practice, committed to enhancing the quality of people’s lives through smart design, is rooted in creative approaches, effective management, and technology. 


Work for SGPA

SGPA is interested in hiring talented, energetic individuals who want to pursue a professional path of growth within our firm. We are committed to licensure, architectural internships, and continuing education.


Associates Program

SGPA recognizes the contributions of our current and future leaders through appointment to the Associates Program. Associates who perform successfully can grow to Senior Associate, Associate Principal, and Principal. Senior designations involve participation in corporate ownership.

The Associates Group operates in an advisory capacity outside the direct line of firm management. By fostering open, frequent dialogue among our employees, the Associates Group helps to set the direction of the firm.


Intern Development Program

Our design team is only as strong as its best ideas. And some of the most creative input comes from early-career architects. At SGPA we welcome and use our interns’ insights, and offer full involvement in our projects.

Our uniquely integrated training programs encourage interns to continue their education while cultivating the technical skills required to succeed in the industry. SGPA supports NCARB’s Intern Development Program and the intern architects enrolled in it. Senior-level professionals mentor our intern architects in all areas of practice and provide timely and regular reviews to evaluate progress.

Please check our Current Open Positions section to see if we’re hiring interns now.


Full-Time Employee Benefits

We offer a comprehensive benefits package including 401k, medical, dental, paid vacation, and flexible spending options. Capable and enthusiastic job performance will be rewarded with opportunity and responsibility. Our working schedule of 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Thursday allows the office to close at 11:30am every Friday. SGPA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Current Open Positions

Senior Project Manager (San Francisco)

Project Manager (San Diego)

Senior Job Captain (San Francisco)


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