We are drawn to architecture because it sits at the intersection of design and culture, art and science. It’s a great privilege and responsibility to create places that influence how thousands of people spend their lives. This shared purpose knits us together as a team and drives us to create and improve each day.

Our studio spaces are open, allowing free exchange of ideas among our project teams. We believe friendship strengthens our working relationships, so we step away from our desks to share birthday cake, golf tournaments, charity drives, and potlucks—and we’ve been known to stop work for an impromptu toast when a project makes it through plan approvals. Through these bonds we’re all personally invested in the success of our colleagues as well as our design projects.

At SGPA, leaders and specialists don’t stand above the fray—they dive deep into each project, adding depth to the youthful and dynamic teams they lead. This combined expertise forms an unshakeable foundation for both our relationships and our designs. In the end, we love what we do, which helps us create places where clients and end users love what they do.