How we work

We are driven by our passion to create exciting, synergistic environments where people like to relax, shop, eat, play, and heal.

SGPA is a multidisciplinary firm organized into four design studios – Retail, Education, Senior Living | Wellness, and Residential | Mixed-Use; yet we all pool our efforts on projects, thereby allowing us to transcend these cornerstones of our business. This results in our production staff becoming deeply familiar with each project type and its associated issues. Even our designers and studio directors, who each specialize in certain markets, frequently work together on mixed projects.

Regardless of whether a project focuses on one discipline or spans several, we know there’s much more to understand than just the physical parameters. Schedule, budget, context, and a deep understanding of the goals of both direct and indirect end-users are just a few of the complexities we consider in order to develop a comprehensive scope.






Much of our design success results from our ability to facilitate discussion and reach consensus. We understand that not every community is the same. Differences create the personality and character of a place, so we know how important it is to address them through our design solutions.

Experience has taught us that the best results are achieved only through careful planning, so we set up each project for success by leading stakeholders to consensus, developing clear timelines, increasing efficiency through building information modeling (BIM) technologies, and building sustainably to reduce both initial capital and life cycle costs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that together, we can bring your projects to successful completion.