Expansion and updates to a popular shopping destination will bring new play areas, outdoor dining, and gathering areas for the community.

The project encompasses several components that will enhance the look and feel of the center and provide new services and amenities to the community. The first component adds two new corner buildings with restaurants and large outdoor dining areas overlooking the plaza and landscape areas. The second component is to upgrade the design and landscape of the central core of the project to provide a fun new children’s play area and social gathering areas for adults. The third component is to provide a new color scheme, branding, and signage to the center to give it a fresh, updated, and friendly ambiance. The combination of these will bring more life to the center and allow it to continue to be a top destination for the residents of Petaluma and the surrounding communities.


  • 34 acres  (existing: 341,000 SF; new:14,000 SF)

  • Large outdoor dining terraces overlooking plazas and large landscaped areas

  • Children’s area has a new play structure with a large landscaped area 

  • Addition of outdoor furniture, upgraded paving, new dining and gathering areas, and an updated paint concept