This mixed-use building will help to transform this neighborhood into a walkable urban community. Furthermore, it set an example of quality urban design for future developments in the Little Portugal area of East San Jose.

The building design meets the goals laid out in the Little Portugal Plan. The building serves to provide a unique identity to the neighborhood and compliments the nearby Mexican Heritage Plaza. The Quetzal bird inspires the architectural colors and vocabulary. This includes a feather motif at the railing and metal work throughout the building and a distinctive wall pattern on the main corner tower element.

The ground level creates an active streetscape with large storefront windows and several commercial tenants including local service providers and a food incubator. An inviting public plaza will anchor the corner and create an inviting space for the larger community to enjoy. A central play area and other amenities are designed to create a high quality living environment for families with children.

Of the 71 units provided, twenty units will be reserved for chronically homeless people and the rest for low-income residents. A full-time service coordinator will provide on-site mental health treatment and case management. The podium type building will also include puzzle lifts to maximize parking, large community/service spaces, a large children’s play area, and a sixth floor community garden space.