Scottsdale Promenade is designed to be the premiere retail center of the Greater Phoenix area. The development will elevate famous Arizonian resident Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy and re-emphasize the center as an important focal point, both geographically and philosophically, at the heart of Scottsdale.

Our design concepts pay homage to the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright’s neighboring Taliesen West, while also building on the existing framework to preserve the spirit of the prevailing center. In addition to an overall rejuvenation of the center, this project consists of three new buildings that includes Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th, Trader Joe’s, Old Navy, and other well known stores. New social gathering areas and an outdoor plaza provide an ideal setting for public art and events, while increased pedestrian paths into the Promenade will help to further connect this center to the neighborhood and surrounding context. 

The site layout opens a view corridor into the middle of the center where it was previously dominated by a large single structure to promote visibility with a public plaza.  The parking areas will incorporate a continuous accessible path that ties the corner development with the rest of the center. Durable, rich and timeless materials, such as rustic metals, stone, and accents of stained glass are used in both traditional applications and to capture more organic compositions in the landscape and paving design. The paint palette takes its cues from the hues found in the surrounding desert landscape with dusty neutrals accented by deeper, more saturated accent colors throughout the development. Detailing of light features and the expression of natural motifs expressed in metal-work and stained glass throughout the center continue to emphasize Frank Lloyd Wright’s values pertaining to nature and pure geometry.

The biggest challenge was working with the physical constraints of the site and the existing Frank Lloyd Wright inspired architecture to enhance the retail experience and re-position the center into the competitive marketplace. Unique architectural design elements avoid both excessive variety and monotonous repetition, providing a fresh new look that complements and reflects the design features of the surrounding environment. Sweeping overhangs and shade canopies help diffuse the desert sun during the day, further encouraging pedestrian traffic into the center, while the night time illumination of key architectural elements will give the center a soft, welcoming glow at night. Our approach incorporates Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West inspired elements, such as long overhangs, detailed metalwork, and desert colors and materials that promote both a variety of interesting textures and a rich visual interest. The improved site design establishes a comfortable relationship of structures to one another, while maintaining an ample amount of open space for landscaping and social gathering opportunities that will revitalize the center.

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