At SGPA, we support the sharing of ideas among our talented staff. One of our Assistant Designers, Adam Newton, lead a great SGPA Academy session on the topic of Virtual Reality (VR) and how it can be integrated into Architecture and Construction.

What is VR? Virtual Reality is the use of computer technology to create a stimulated environment that a human can perceive as real. As 3D modeling and architectural visualization rise to meet the ever-expanding gaming, animation, and movie industries, the relevance of immersive visualization tools and the expectation of this visualization also begins to grow. While VR has not yet become mainstream technology, the potential for it to be both a design tool and representation technique is already permeating into architecture. Through understanding the intersection of video game technology and architecture, we can become more able to discuss the impact VR will have on the profession, the built environment, and the future of buildings.

The use of VR in architecture will make it easier to collaborate and effectively communicate ideas with clients and colleagues. This technology will allow clients to interact with the design and model by being able to change floor plans, move items around, and change the interior design palette instantly. 


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